Ask about Lil Wayne

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    Is lil wayne the greatest singer of all time?

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    did you really killed your step dad because he treated your mother wrong?

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    y do u got to jail

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    Why do white girls are so much crazy about lil wayne ?

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    Take them shoes off yo teeth and quit running your mouth

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    Uhmm Why do you think so people say that lil wayne is killing the industry when he is apparently making it soooo much better????

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    What is the most famous lil wayne song?

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    where does Lil Wayne come up wit this shit does he write it him self ?

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    How long will lil wayne serve in jail ?

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    Do lauren london and weezy have a kid together ?

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    whats lil wayne's number

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    When does lil wayne get out of jail?

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    do you get along with drake

  14. has lil wayne got cancer

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    What is lil waynes favourate colour

  16. whats with the i kissesd my daddy?

  17. Are you nervous about going to jail

  18. does lil ayne have a grul rite now...?

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    where does lil wayne live ?

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    why is lil wayne so hott?

  21. why is lil wayne such a genious at his rhymes?

  22. will lil' wayne marry leighcen kay franke?

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    why is lil wayne so hot!?!?

  24. how old is lil wayne and when is going to be out of jail!....

  25. how tall is lil wayne

  26. is lil wayne black

  27. Will lil' wayne marry Leighcan & Gabriella? (:

  28. what is lil wayne's real name?

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    does lil wayne smoke ?

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    does lil wayne do drugs?

  31. is he in jail now?

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    What do I have to do to be lil waynes your biggest fan

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    did lil wayne kiss bird man on the lips

  34. Who does lil wayne live with ?

  35. does lil wayne really freestyle everything?

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    Who is lil wayne/s favorite rapper when he was little.

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    Is lil wayne gay

  38. when is he going to jail for gun possesion?

  39. how many kids does wayne have

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    does lil wayne rap at birthday parties? how much would he charge?

  41. wayne i can make ur bedrock any day

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    Why is lil wayne famous if his music is trash. Are all you people that stupid to listen and buy horrible music.

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    wut can u do about love to someone?

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    why does everyone make a big deal that lil Wayne kissed his father? Who cares?

  45. How old was lil wayne when he got shot?

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    is nicki minaj with lil wayne?

  47. is he really in prison or it's just a rumor?

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    where is drake

  49. How many kids does lil wanye have?

  50. Who is lil wayne's Father

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    Why does lil wayne have tattos on his face and how many does he have

  52. how has lil wayne become so popular?

  53. does lil wayne have a myspace page????????

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    Lil Wayne is like my super hero.What are the chances of ever meeting the "Best Rapper Alive"?

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    Does lil wayne have a girl friend at the time? Could he write a song about me please ask him.

  56. why did lil wayne cut his hair

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    did lil waynes daughter die

  58. how much would lil wayne charge to sing at a birthday party in duplin county nc

  59. whhhhhhhys lil wayne so sexy?

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    Make up a love quote

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    how much money does lil wayne have?

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    what is lilwayyne middle name .

  63. is lil wayne signing any new rappers to young money

  64. Does Lil wayne have a guitarist in mind for his upcoming rock album????

  65. Did Lil wayne ever had crushed on rihanna?

  66. why is lil wayne in jail, and for how long?

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    do lil wayne accept songwriter that r only 15 year old?

  68. Is Lil Wayne really sentenced?

  69. What's Your middle name little wayne?

  70. who is lil wayne

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    what college did wanye go to?

  72. Who is Lil Wayne dating?

  73. Is lil Wayne a true gangsta???

  74. is lil wayne married? does he have a girlfriend? if not, HOLLA @ ME WEEEEZY. ;D

  75. did he want to be a rapper for his mom?

  76. is lil wayne sexy ?

  77. how does lil wayne come up with quotes about life without trying?

  78. whats his birthday?

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    What makes lil wayne a good rapper??

  80. could lil wayne help me with my future career

  81. Is lil wayne bisexual?!?!?!

  82. is lil wayne coming to lebanon?

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    will i marry lil wayne???

  84. Is Lil Wayne single?

  85. why does Lil Wayne look so gud?

  86. how can i becom a beter rapper

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    has lil wayne ever been sexually active with nicki minaj

  88. how many babies does lil wayne have?

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    why does lil wayne sign lame songs he should sing way better


  91. lil wayne do you have advice for me about me rapping i like it a lot?

  92. How did lil wayne come up wit the talented group YOUNG MONEY

  93. Drake is cute

  94. Rating: -1

    why did you kiss bird man ?

  95. Rating: -1

    well there is this rumor thats circulating saying lil wayne had his DREADLOCK cut in jail how far true is that and can i have some evidence?

  96. i love lil wayne

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    how do i send Lil Wayne a letter to prison?

  98. how does lil wayne choose the mates of young money.

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    why is lil wayne the best rapper alive

  100. who's all lil waynes baby mothers ?

  101. what is Lil Wayne best song?

  102. Even deaf wemen say hi to u Y

  103. did lil wayne get with niki manaj

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    can i call Lil Wayne in jail???

  105. why is lil wayne so damn hot?

  106. Why does Lil Wayne do all that stupid stuff knowing he might get caught?

  107. does lil wayne always rap under the influence?

  108. What actually happen between lll wayne, jayz, and birdman?

  109. is he looking for back up dancers b/c i can dance just looking for some one to dance for :p

  110. what did lil waynes dad do to him

  111. lil wayne can i make beats for you please im really good

  112. what is the song that lil wayne mimics go getta by young jeezy?

  113. is lil wayne muslim?

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    does lil wayne like the arabic boyz

  115. does lil wayne have any brothers or sisters?

  116. wut his mama look like??

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    what is the youngest age lil wayne will go out with ?

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    Who is the best Lil wayne or Eminem?

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    how old was he when he shot his self

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    what do the tears on lil Wayne's face represent?

  121. how 2 love a girl ?

  122. What is lil wayne's first rap song?

  123. how does he make everything rhyme n it looks soo easy!

  124. wayne on ur songs/raps u say u like brown skin or lighter women but r u still interested in darker women?

  125. Whats always in lil waynes styrofoam cups?

  126. Howw did he become famous?

  127. why would you think lil wayne would be interested in you?

  128. If u are goin through a problem with a girl wat should u do break up with her or work things out

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    why is lilwanye making mixtape

  130. do lil waynes dreds get in the way when singing

  131. is lil wayne christian

  132. why do i love lil wayne so much?

  133. When is wayne coming to south africa ?

  134. if he is in jail then how is he comming out with more songs???

  135. is lil wayne having a baby by nivea and do you have twins?

  136. what is the next album of lil wayne and when it will come out

  137. well like hes mii babii boy.....wiil he marriie me...???

  138. where do he come up with such good lyrics like that!??

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    What does lil wayne eat for supper?

  140. *WHy dOEs LIL WAynE DO Tha STufF Dat HE Do*? im his biqqest fan everr && i like him alot but i just wonder some times!

  141. why does he think hes a horrible rapper ? hes the best rapper alivve in my eyes(:

  142. does lil wayne like big girls? if so how big

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    who is the real father of lil wayne

  144. how is lil wyne's at this moment

  145. why does lil wayne rap?

  146. what does he rap for?

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    a yo main is lil weezy really a blood ?

  148. can i be lil waynes middle man, Lil JB, YOUNG MONEY , x

  149. yoh! LIL when are you coming to SOUTH AFIRICA?

  150. Rating: +6

    wayne carter, will you marry me? (:

  151. i kissed my daddy dosen't everyone kiss theyre parents ?

  152. is lil wayne hot or sexy

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    Is lil wayne connected 2 devil worship?

  154. How can I get ahold of lil wayne ?

  155. lil wayne is too cute to be in jail!!!!

  156. how big is his dog?

  157. who is lil wayne's bestfriend

  158. what happened to his daughter when he was taken to prison?

  159. did lil wayne kill anybody or did he just waych somebodys die?

  160. would lil wayne be cumming to dublin in concert soon ?

  161. Rating: +1

    how did lil wayne get to become so famos?

  162. when is lil wayne going to be back on tour?

  163. Am so high I can vomit on a comit

  164. how many tattos does he have?

  165. Is lil Wayne HOTT?

  166. whats lil wayne favortie song

  167. Rating: +1

    Is lil wayne a devil wash upper

  168. Does Lil Wayne Know That People In New Orlean Are His Biggest BECAUSE i Am

  169. how does lil wayne know wich artist to feature when recording a song?

  170. Rating: +1

    does lil wayne like nikkie minaj??

  171. Rating: -4

    Is lil Wayne a blood

  172. Rating: +1

    has lil wayne sold his soul to the devil

  173. WhatHAgar did he look like as a kid

  174. Why is Lil Wayne so Poppin ?

  175. what is lil wayne first track

  176. What were lil wayne's insirations to this quotes.

  177. where does lil wayne live like in atlanta or where?

  178. Rating: +1

    is lil wayne with illuminati?

  179. are me and lil wayne relatied

  180. Does Lil Wayne know that are people ( most likely girl ) that are literally in love with him ?

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    is Lil Wayne a christian? if yes, what church

  182. Does lil wayne write all his punch lines?

  183. Rating: +0

    does lil wayne have a brain?

  184. Lil Wayne come on Serbia...Serbia love you.. I dont know American..soory :)..

  185. is lil wayne dating any one

  186. would Lil Wayne ever date a women if she was the same age as your daughter but she was grow and BAD and what u have been looking for 🙂

  187. Rating: +1

    who is wayne dating?

  188. Do Lil Wayne really have children by Lauren London and That other chickq ?

  189. Rating: +3

    Would lil wayne ever date an 18 year old?

  190. why does lil wayne luk so qqud

  191. Rating: +3

    Why does lil wayne have those teardrop tattoo's underneath his eyelids?

  192. What is Lil Wayne's favorite food?

  193. Boxers or Briefs or....Nothing

  194. is lil wayne 24

  195. Rating: -6

    is lil wayne black

  196. Rating: -1

    whos lil wayne?????

  197. is lil wayne dominican

  198. Rating: +2

    what is lil waynes favorite quote

  199. for how many years has lil wayne been in school?

  200. Rating: +0

    does li wayne have a daughter?

  201. Rating: -3

    does lil wayne have a lip ring

  202. Rating: -1

    what song is i am the commisioner dont start weezy cuz the f is for finisher

  203. Rating: -1

    is Lil Wayne in the illumanti

  204. Rating: +4

    Whats the name of the Lil Wayne song where he says "Her momma couldn't afford the car so she named her daughter A-Lexis."?

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  206. Rating: -2

    Does lil wayne have a wife?

  207. Rating: +1

    why is wayne the man?

  208. why does lil wayne like shannel

  209. Rating: +1

    Be honest whos better lil wayne or eminem

  210. Whats lil waye personality? What Does He Like To Do instead of singing/raping in his free time?

  211. Rating: +7

    Is lil wayne anti christ

  212. Rating: +2

    what inspires lil wayne as a rapper

  213. Rating: +3

    when lil wayne became famous why did he pick that name?

  214. is lil wayne a Cool Person to be Around ?

  215. Rating: +1

    Where did Lil Wayne grow up?

  216. Dose Lil Wayne ever consider doing a concert in Maryland?

  217. Rating: +1

    Does Lil Wayne have SKIN CANCER

  218. Is lil wayne going to retire

  219. Rating: +1

    lil wayne do you think its okay to be an llluminti and still believe in god

  220. Rating: +1

    What was Lilwayne's first song? & when did he launched it? And where was it launched?

  221. Rating: +2

    Lil Wayne How Many Tattos Do You Have All Togther?

  222. Rating: -1

    where does lil wayne get money

  223. Rating: +1

    Is Lil Wayne married?

  224. Does lil wayne like wiz khalifa ?

  225. what is it about music that keeps lil wayne going?

  226. Is it the tatoos in lil wayne body that caused the skin cancer

  227. do you know how your fans feel for you and how they wish u all the best? I wish to have a look at you

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