is lil wayne muslim?

no he isn’t

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what lead you to think so?

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Why he Says Am Form Holygrove the Holly Mecca

  2. Honda says:

    I just dean an article and it said that this ” guy ” knew Dre and Cool ( friends of LilWaynes ). He met them in the studio and asked Dre a question. It was some like does he make his music or something like that. Dre says come outside the studio and hop in the car before “they” hear us. They drove to a church gathered with people and said now they won’t be able to hear us. He said he made a contract with a satanic angel or so called “Murmur” and I just listened to his mixtape ( No days off ) and I really have this bad feeling I’m not sure what to do. So here we have Dre telling this guy that Wayne made this deal with that satanic devil to grant him success and such in his career. He said not to mention it but I ain’t knowing why I did just do so. Apparently he said that when Wayne went into the booth one time Murmur was there with some other satanic people alike figures and murmur become this dust which flew into Wayne’s mouth. Dr.Dre said that that’s why Lil Wayne always forgets things when he is in the booth. Idk if this is true but please correct me 🙂 thnx

  3. maryjay says:

    ILLUMINATI NUFF SAID!!! Same Michael Jackson ain’t dead neither Is tupac the truth will be exsposed and you all will be gobsmacked!! Final word lets KILL-LUMINATII!!!!

  4. Spurs2010 says:

    Lil Wayne is neither Christian or Muslim.he is part of the illuminati who do not worship god but worship Satan and many other ‘false gods’ like the sun and pan! If you want answers for your questions,research them instead of talking in forums!

  5. holly says:

    does it matter what religion it is, all that matters is the music which is the thing

  6. danny says:

    He is cristan, i know him, the dude is cristian

  7. borhan says:

    I think he is muslim but he wont say it!

  8. Brianna . says:

    Really ?
    YU Guyss Aree you this Stupidd ?
    You Ouqht To Erase dhiss Dumbb question..

  9. KING DAD says:

    as i use to work for MTV, i met lil wayne about five times and i asked him if he is a muslim and he said, i am a half muslim and i asked him why half>? and then he said because of he’s girl friend!!

    • KING DAD says:

      And i think lil wayne is muslim because, why say our gods name when you dont believe in ALLAH….???

      • forever queen says:

        king papi ur soo rite…n i believe that there is no such a thing as HALF muslim but u neva noe cuz thy dnt wnt eryy1 to b talkin abut it u know media!!! but i know this abut islam that Christian guys cnt get marries to a muslim but they can vise versa, like a muslim can marry a christian so maybe she’s jus sayin that to calm dwn his grl lol

  10. shawty thick says:

    he just is what he is and if he was it’s not everyone gone stop listening to his music

  11. Maya says:

    Actually in A Milli he says “To the all mighty power of Allah”. Wayne is not Muslim, he is a Christian . “Still icin out crosses, keep it Christian” Plus he has ‘Fear God’ tattooed on his eyelids and a prayer scripture on his back . I should know 😉

    • Yan says:

      hes christian but the Fear God Tattoo doesnt prove anything Muslims fear god 2

      • Maya says:

        I know, I was just saying .

        • ahmed says:

          maya, u dont know shit, he is muslim but the business doesent want everyone to know coz then most of his fans will convert to islam to follow his footsteps…..

          • Brianna . says:

            Yu Dont Knoww Shit.
            Shee Actually Doess .
            Andd where’d Yu Gett Dhatt Dumbb Conclusionn Fromm ?
            where evahh Yu Gott It Fromm Yu Need ta Senddd it Backk Ta WHere it Wuhzz.
            Ahmed Yu Aree Juhzz Stupidd Andd Dont Knowww Shidd Aboudd Lil Waynee.
            Unlikee Me And Maya.
            We Actually KNoww A Lot Aboudd Himm.

          • jasmine says:


    • Brianna . says:

      Yu Aree So Riqhtt.
      Thank Yu For Provinqq Me Riqhtt.
      :)) :))

  12. Mido says:

    Because in one of his songs he says ” and the all mighty power of Allah “

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