Why do white girls are so much crazy about lil wayne ?

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29 Responses to “Why do white girls are so much crazy about lil wayne ?”

  1. maya says:

    everbody luvs lil wanye no matta wat race shiit im black and i got otha races crankin his shitt up

  2. Mrss,Carterr;; says:

    White Chikks Don’t Matter, They Serve Just As Much In His Fan Base Than Thaa Blacks.

  3. Man.Fish says:

    I can’t believe in 2010 there is still a glass ceiling and a barriar between races and genders, it’s ridiculous. Once the baby boomers die off we youngsters are the ones who can make the change, start now.

  4. Kelsey says:

    Imma white girl and I love lil wayne for his music.. He is good lookin in all but damn you must go after looks !! If yu ever listen to his music then yu would kno that he is the best rapper there is oka !!

  5. kayla says:

    Well im a white qhetto qay qurl bt i love waynes beats/lyrics.. his music qo ham c^uz.v

  6. WeezyFbabymama says:

    Uhmm Im white && I luv Weezy no bc of his looks, or his music. I cant really even tell u why I luv him…I think itz just his swagga. Like I look at him and think “dayum he’s fine and I bet u he know how to treat a lady”

  7. MRZ.WAYNE says:

    Lil Wayne likezs all diffrent kind of qirl.. and first of all “he mih man” lol.. & it shouldent mater about de skin color..

  8. weezyyzwifee says:

    first of all ; lil wayne is the shit & if uu pay attention to what he is sayinq you will know . but as of white qirls lovinq weezy, idt its cuz of looks but i mean who’s to say why anyone who doesn`t truely know him is in love widd him . ii ain`t qunna lie the only reason why ii know this man is cuz he is a celebrity & that his music & lyrics touch me & some sonqz i relate to qreatly . but i qrew up in the spanish harlem tryna make somethinqqq of myself & thats why i like him, but i can`t speak for white qirls lmao , im not white .

  9. Maya says:

    Color shouldn’t matter . Just know that Wayne loves all his fans equally .

  10. w33zy_fks_wifey says:

    lyrics n look

  11. catherine says:

    i am a ‘ white girl ‘
    and i dont just love lil wayne becuase of the way he looks or beacuse the “beat’ of his songs makes me dance i like him because his song’s are true in the song prom queen he is singing about things that happen to people all the time i dont like it because i love bass or guitar i love this song because i like the lyrics

  12. billy says:

    Possibly because white girls probably aren’t really interested in the lyrics of music. They like the beats not lyrics. And lil waynes lyrics are so out there that they need no comprehension cuz they dont make sense in the first place. I think Nas said it best when he quoted “theres a few left who’s music is an expression of life” Lil wayne is far from that.

    • j.fish says:

      they dot make sense to you cuz you dont understand wat he is really saying

    • Shye says:

      first of all, what is up with all this racism crap? Not ALL white girls are just interested in the beats, I am a white girl and I love his lyrics, i know every word to his songs and even though ima white girl i been through more than you could imagine. stop wit the white girl discrimination.

      • Sophi says:

        I tottaly agree wit yuh, Shye. “white gurl”? I go to a mostly- black school. No difference. Me AND my black friends (just to make a point) know EVERY word to his songs. And yes, Billy, we DO listen to the lyrics. We DO understand him (His Voice Is HOTTT!!!). And yes, his lyrics DO make sense. He looks farther into the word than the next guy. Compare him to Eminem. Nope, I know, not the same style, but still. Lil Wayne looks into the words and focuses on them. He doesn’t focus on saying the swearing faster than everyone else. I know this is long, but it is right. I don’t think that you guys who hate him or think he isn’t good understand him. You might already be hooked onto another rapper, but common, look into figuring Lil Wayne out.

        • Krissteen says:

          I agree with you, Sophi. Actually sit down by yourself and LISTEN to what he’s tryin’ to say. He’s an extremely intelligent man. Annnd.. no.. not every white girl loves Wayne for the beats… My boyfriend went to school for “beats” and he’s black…All of my friends are black besides 3 of them.. by choice.. My school was pretty evened up race-wise.. and he’s never treated me like we were any different from each other.. Because we aren’t. I was taught that stereotypes are created from fear. Actually, come to think of it.. I’ve seen more crazy shit than him.. I’m 24 and he’s 28. I grew up in Buffalo…My mother was a junkie.. and my father was a rapist white supremacist.. whom almost made me HATE my OWN race. Just hear him out. He knows what he’s talking about. His lyrics save people’s lives. Leave the white/black shit in the past.. Let’s concentrate on how much the pigs suck. Hahaha j/k-in’ .. but really tho.

      • dani says:

        YEA I AGREE

      • Kelsey says:

        I agree ! Imma white girl to and lil wayne is the best rapper there is !

    • don’t judge all white girls on justa few bruah. ima white girl who loves wayne lyrics and looks and da beat. ha just check yoself

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