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and them birds don’t fly, without my permission, i’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, or maybe in the ocean, …


I am trapped in a maze, therefore i am amazing. -Lil’ Wayne?


i dont have a spine, i dont fantasize. i mastermind, then go after mine


i got ten bathrooms, i could shit all day


Life is like a bitch – now die for her


shh my foots sleepin on the gas no brake pads no such thing as last


Ask a Question or say something about Lil WayneYou bottle pop, I buy a bottle pop, Drop some syrup in it, Get out of my waffle house!


‘baby i am the real deal no pickel


i said the sun don’t shine forever


im from the jungle where the lion eat the sheep


i might drop the world.. if i change hands.


ain’t no such thing as a wrong right


I’m lookin in her face n I can smell she’s mine


she got a smile on her, that put a smile on me


im lookin in the mirror & i see a dollar sign. i had a cat scan & i had money on my mind


understand to a giant you’re a dwarf


it aint my birthday but i got my name on the cake.


you don’t know how sick you make us,

36 Responses to “Lil Wayne Quotes Page 3”

  1. SOMENATH PAUL says:

    Lil Wayne is living legend!!!
    love you a lot man !!
    Mah last wish would remain
    to see and touch ever possible.. (India)

  2. Usman says:

    Good girl gone bad crookd world, wrong path Right mom, wrong dad.

  3. lordkachi says:

    Lil wayne best ever…. i dnt look down on u Buh der z no 1 up to look at

  4. Sir Nelson says:

    Live as if u were to die tomorrow.learn as if u were to liv 4eva

  5. Lil Hussy says:

    Lil wayne be the realest among all.Greatest rapper they will ever be

  6. Mfonobong Godwin says:

    Am a bad moda4cker cos the good Die young…- WEEZY BABY

  7. MAYBACH MUSIC says:

    My teacher told me that I was a peice of shit…. Seen her the other day…. Driving a peice of shit 🙂 – Rick Ross

  8. meleng says:

    Lil wayne: appetite for disaster, I want a fore plate than another plate after.

  9. lil estaine says:

    i rly love lil wayne……my best rapper alive…..

  10. sicknesz says:

    wezzy f baby ; hehee ilovee him so much<33'
    ( :

  11. Lil Wayne.. You’re theee best,my favorite rapper. I LOVE your music. Keep on doing music, what you do best:)

  12. curtis says:

    if you leave you leaving the best
    so you would have to settle for less

  13. Nadira says:

    Flyer than Beetle Juice Beetle Jucie Beetle Juice

  14. Mrr Bonkerz says:

    I Only Go Down If You Keep Your Grass Cut 😉

  15. Life is my wife..till death do us part

  16. taee williamss says:

    you dont know how sick you makee us

  17. R.E says:

    i got a gun in my boot purse and i dont bust back because i shoot first…

  18. Whitney says:

    Lil Wayne is a hero, not one you wanna live like but one you wanna live up to.

  19. Justice says:

    I might drop the world if I change hands!

  20. his wifey says:

    he da best rapper evr nd dnt 4get dat!!!

  21. weezy tebza says:

    Go babe! Go babe…. damn!! swit u rock kip it up…much love

  22. angelic m says:

    lil wayne yuh ihz sooh fine i luhv yuh soo much.. yuh ihz dah best rapper so keep on duin yuh…

  23. Honey~I says:

    Lil wayne is the best rapper ever because what he sings is real and the things he phrases many in tha pin like mi bro…he honetly gives lil wayne credit bcuz all tha hardcore stuff he goes through people judging him because he is a fellin

  24. jennythinkswanyessexii says:

    lil waynes sexyy az ever hes a hero

  25. KLS says:

    lil wayneee iss fknnnnn beastttt(:

  26. N.A.W says:


  27. N.A.W says:

    i love lil wayne.all his quotes r great!he thinks different then tha rest of tha average people.datz y u gotta luv him n y i think me n him could so hang!hes like a guenious,tha smartest guy in tha world!his perspective iz on another leval!LOVE IT ALL!

  28. lil whyne N.R says:

    i love u baby dont stop loveing me

  29. JD says:

    I have more jewels then your jeweler

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