Weezy Quotes

tell them lil rappers, don’t come near a giant


we run up in your casa boy, & blast off like nasa boy!

hiphop ain’t dead it just had a heart attack.


Ask a Question or say something about Lil Wayneim in love with you, but i can’t be with you. tomorrow i’ll be back up on the first flight, right up out of town


ill take your picture & make a rest in peace shirt of it.


you can’t find me cause im lost in the music


i try my best to make it through the night & live today; but i am upset so i am steady wiping tears away.

she got service road curves and highway eyes.. the road to her soul, just follow the road signs.


now, if you let me; you wont regret me


my word is my pride, the wisdom is weak, & that’s word from the wise


i wear my heart on my sleeve like its a new fashion


im a beast baby, i eat ladies.


stop analyzing, criticizing, you should realize what i am & start epitomizing


43 Responses to “Weezy Quotes”

  1. guathosher says:

    Lil wayne is the best ever

  2. guathosher says:

    Lil wayne is the best ever ,,,

  3. wezzy-tee says:

    lil wayne is always my menton, from now till i die……………

  4. Khadimzy says:

    I luv lil wayne xo much but hx nt god, frm naja boi kogi dude

  5. komik says:

    einstein,her head is da greatest

  6. casey says:

    Lil wayne is the best raper out there and i give a shout out to him keep singing weezy. my friend and listen to you all the time. we love your music

  7. fareed aka freddy says:

    I Have been running this shit , I am feeling athletic

  8. suraj says:

    i love wayne nd hiz qotsss. .

  9. K!NGZY says:

    Its My Life,Leave It For Me…Yes You Cant Live It For Me.

  10. tAmIa-CaRtEr:) says:

    this is waynes world and yall are just some tourists, give me three wishes:i wish i wish you were a bitch…!!!! omgee i love this man, i would kill fo him#inlove face#…he has been the best,he is the best and he will stay the best!!!!:)

  11. jayvon says:

    “if ur shooting for the stars shoot at me” dont need to u already shot ur self when u were 8 dumb

  12. Ranjha innocent romeo says:

    wayne iz not god bt he iz true human being the life he live i waana live that life..totally trippiii

  13. Tyra says:

    – i lost my mind, its somewhere out there stranded i think you stand under e if you dont under stand me . <$$

  14. puahaha panda says:

    buht what should i scream for this is my theme park <3

  15. Siyane says:

    OMG okay really talk here… i love lil Wayne beacause of his music and and how he lose himself in it… He sexxy….. got alot of love for ya

  16. Isabella says:

    man i love lil wayne but i dont think he is god but i love him

  17. tw34k says:

    i went from penny pinchin to private planes i neva sat on benhes i got in games

  18. AshlynnCarteerr; says:

    Myy Booboo Gottss Somee Guud Quotteess,;<333.Lol.

  19. ;Keshaa;; says:

    Lil Wayne is tha beast rapper A L I V E Drake is ghud bt he aint got nun on Weezy F.Baby and tha “F” is for F A M E !

  20. weezy says:

    i eat weezy’z cake so eat junk dat remains on us

  21. janae says:

    i love lil wayne he is heka fine and the best rapper alive ….

  22. jimbo says:

    “Ive graduated from hungry and made it to greedy”

  23. jpb says:

    I’m already at the top, about to pull the ladder up

  24. tEESHa says:

    WEEZy IS A VERy SMARt PERSON HE SPEAKS tHE tRUTH AND DONt tAKE SHIt FROM NOBODY!(he is very handsome and cute!)

  25. stephenm1 says:

    i eat beats so jus throw em on my dinner plate

  26. fab says:

    wayne is the best.

  27. arabia says:

    i’ll bring it to ya front door like ya ordered me -lil wayne

  28. kiki_baby says:

    im floating on the clouds so you are so beneth my feet

  29. Donavia carter says:

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive yall sleep

  30. oxmat says:

    hey weezy
    is the biggest, the finest, the rapper, the sweetest, the king of hip hop love you man.

  31. Kayla says:

    “You See How Music Makes People Happy….That’s Why I Am Music”-Lil Wayne

  32. WeezyMane says:

    Fresh off the jet, sharper than Gillete

  33. N.A.W says:

    I agreew/aaron!

  34. aaron says:

    Lil wayne IS god!!

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