More Lil Wayne Quotes

i knock her lights out & she still shines!


cold as a winters day, Hot as a summers eve, young money thieves, steal your heart with ease.


Take or break it


Suuu Wuuu Bishh, I do this ishh, i’ll erae you like i drew you bishh

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I dont even talk i let the visa speak


she gOt that gOod gOod, she michael jacksOn bad


didn’t wear a bulletproof so i got shot and you can see the proof

Im down like the economy…


man i got summer hatin on me cuz im hotter than the sun, spring hatin on me cuz i aint neva sprung, winter hatin on me cuz im colder than ya’ll and i would never i would never i would never fall.


The only thing on a shark’s mind is eat and by any means you are all sardines


Everything gets better with time and time is forever


My picture should be in the dictionary, next to the definition of definition

I’ve been through alot of sh*t this year but imma keep my head up like my nose is bleedin

101 Responses to “More Lil Wayne Quotes”

  1. Nass breezy says:

    I wish I was born right next to tunechi cos he makes me so proud.

  2. david bomb says:

    am not human being…keep it real!!!

  3. emmanuelstunna says:

    When I came, she caught me like the common

  4. emmanuelstunna says:

    Know who you’re dealin with, a full hand of aces, I
    shuffle with kings, and cut off queens

  5. Take shoes off your teeth and quit running from your mouth. #weezy FF.

  6. Khadimzy says:

    My bst rappa alive..ur bxt fan 4rm naja

  7. rapper rachy says:

    trecking to the sky, lord are u see me coming? Follow me on twitter for more rap quotes @ozzy_epiic

  8. earl veezy says:

    if we say rhyme sense then lil wayne is the rhyme and sense is his make

  9. dat niggabush says:

    when u goten lil paper be ready for haters they all standin in line they all surfer frm vepa

  10. Ela says:

    Lil wayne my best rapper.From your biggest fan in Nigeria.

  11. Dowpe says:

    You think your fresh?shit man i’m ripe

  12. sheyi says:

    notify me

  13. Dennis Airwill says:

    I don’t talk i let my visa speak!!

  14. Crissy smith says:

    Omfg love it just because it’s Lil Wayne quote!!?????

  15. Feezy lil-smokii says:

    “I don’t need to be easy,
    I need to be worth it”

    – feezy lil-smokii

  16. uyirankie says:

    Don’t shoot it if you can’t aim it don’t blame it if it kill’s you

  17. WEZZYBABY says:

    little wayne be the best rapper alive and he is my man lol he is freaken bomb…… aha WEZZY ALL THE WAY BISHHHHES

  18. casin says:

    Drag my name through the mud I come out clean

  19. shawn says:

    “weed & syrup,till I die…”
    Dats da only thing dat we share…..

  20. Sagat carter says:

    If other rappers are king of kings then lil wayne is tha youngest god i ve seen!!!!

  21. uyirankie says:

    i knock her lights out & she still

  22. ahmad says:

    I try to pay attention but attention pays me

  23. blahhxD says:

    if i fall i fall up and let the clouds hug me nd if i fall down i bet i hit the ground runnin

  24. dee Bitchh says:

    yound ,wild&free

  25. nick says:

    an even though women change i will always like dimes

  26. leangalia latoya miller says:

    I wish i could meet lil wayne.I luv him but havent met him. Every thing about him is brilliant.I dont just like him for his music,but hes brighter than many think. Hes a rare person. Ill bet my life that you will never find someone else like him, not even his kids.Every night i pray to meet him one day

  27. Mrs, Carterrrr. says:

    I don’t want a broken heart, cause I’ll lose the piece’s, <3

  28. naynay? says:

    lil wayne is a beast i love this guy & all of YOUNG MONEY(:

  29. katt says:

    wisdom is bleak, and that’s a word from the wise

  30. Jess says:

    you worry about yours, let them worry about theirs, cause i got mine

  31. Danyelll's A BO$$;* says:

    weezy all the way <3

  32. mike k. says:

    Dear Mr. Toilet I am the shit.

  33. Justice says:

    I like the best cuz the best things in life are free!…

  34. Reela says:

    Cinncinatti reds hat red black. Cops find ya body but they don’t know where ya head at.

  35. KarinaaCarter (: ? says:

    I LOVEE Dwayne Michael Cater Junior , BEST Niqqa On EARTH (: My Main Dudee & Addictionnn 😀 ?

  36. weezybabyy says:

    im the truth, why would i lie?


  37. Tatt says:

    Yeah, my life a b-tch, but you know nothing bout her

  38. Courtney says:

    i know this world is so cold and deceiving but i keep my heaad up like my nose is bleeding

  39. kris says:

    And if I should ever fall the ground will then turn to wine – lil wayne *I feel like dying*

  40. chandniesha says:

    but in every twice in a while i feel like im runnin &life is the miles

  41. c-nate says:

    swallow my words taste my thougts and if theyre to nasty spit them back at me!!

  42. c-nate says:

    you cant get on my level you guna need a spaceship or a ladder lasts foreva!!

  43. weezy f baby the muthafckin goddard bitches on my dhick like my name is harrypotter

  44. Lauren says:

    Baby im me so who you , you aint me , and it aint fair , but i dont care-Lil wayne

  45. Lauren says:

    One finger up , and im out , cause you aint worth two.
    — Lil wayne all the wayy

  46. Deshae says:

    My mama told me to never a girl but what if that women hurt me.??

  47. anastasia says:

    &tell the cops we can buy our own braclets.

  48. sexxi_stephani says:

    And We Don’t Want No Problems. Okay You A Goon But Whats A Goon To A Goblin

  49. starrcandi says:

    Birds don’t fly without my permission!!!

    • shiiii says:

      no offence, but this does not make sence. you be rappin’ to see who gets higha’ , so lets get higher, make more of dem dollaasss. calll meeee,

  50. Jennie says:

    [[ See the money gonna cum or imma go get it, i gotta die widd money cause i wasn’t born widd it]]
    Lil’ Wayne

  51. Amber says:

    I swear I be the sickest nigga u can ask the nurse!

  52. Lamar says:

    I have more jewels then your jeweler

  53. harley says:

    you know the cops dont like us because they wanna rock just like us

  54. Briana? says:

    I am trapped in a maze, therefore i am amazing.

    -Lil’ Wayne?

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