More Weezy Quotes

Sorry Bout That Earthquake Baby, Just Tryin To Make Your Bed Rock;)”




Nah i aint a hater dont get me wrong, i made it a hot line you made it a hot song


Do not put any other god before your savior.!!


my clip never dropping we can get it popping like a mac10


I Gotta Game Like E.A. But I Wanna Let You Play .


baby i could bless you and you aint even sneezin, i Could have you dreaming and you aint even sleeping, ill be at yourrescue and you dont even need me.



confidence is a stain
you can’t wipe it off.


i search but never find
i hurt but never cry
i work & foreva try
but i’m cursed so nvm.


i got ice in ma veins
blood in my eyes
hate in ma heart
love in ma mind
i see nights full a pain
days all tha same.


Got the world in my hands and i keep my hands closed -Weezy


Futuristic handgun. If you act foul you get two shots and 1.


You were the pistol to my holster


Damn I’m so fly- I wake up in the sky and wipe the cloud out my eye. – lil wayne


i do not knw all dat that he is god but if u put him b4 tod then u is blank….thats all i have


19 Responses to “More Weezy Quotes”

  1. FemaleWeezyBaby says:

    ” I saw a butterfly today. I wonder if I’ll die or go to jail today.”

  2. justin says:

    My wifey keep tellng my the pills gon kill my fucking up my sperm count and she want’s children. I’m back on my bs I’m back on my bs I’ma dead man walkng follow my foot prints..

  3. mimi carter says:

    Man I dnt c y ppl hate so HARD….. man STOP ALL YA HATEN … YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY…

  4. mimi says:

    Damn Wezzy so damn icy nd dis niqqa cold…………… love u wezzy .8:)

  5. Call911 says:

    Shotgun in my droors Make the woman bite the bullet

  6. kayla says:

    lil wayne’s dat niqqa

  7. Kerisian says:

    I really didnt get the last 1 but im i just cant wait till he get out cause i will be their waiting on him.!

  8. Izzyba says:

    Life is a beach, im just playing in the sand

  9. weezybabyy says:

    yeah i hear you screaming but my name ain’t harder ;]

  10. Do Work says:

    I think about more than I forget, and I don’t go around fire, expectin’ not to sweat..

  11. nicolleeeeee says:

    he never killed his step dad .

  12. moe says:

    pistol on my side, you don’t wanna hear that thing talk, let the king talk check the price and pay attention lil wayne that’s what they gotta say or mention, I’m like navada in the middle of the summer, pistol on the lead I gotta pill in the covers, my foots sleeping in the gas, no break pad no such thing as last

  13. mrszcarterx0 says:

    Well is tha last 1 a real quote from my hubby?

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